Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Freddy Lives...

I have knocked off the dust from an older manuscript and have started the rewrite process. It's tentatively called "Freddy." Here's the premise of the story:

Sitting atop the Fairfax hotel, there is a statue of a gargoyle. It preys on the personal wants and desires of humans for its own perverse gratification. Unaware of its sordid past of human sacrifice and murder, which it utilizes to open the way for those that fall under it's spell to achieve wealth, power, and success, Sam finds himself in the middle of a close-knit circle of deceit that involves the people that have entered into his life, and the mental pull from the creature and its promises. For Sam his life becomes not his own as he tries to survive the strong and tempting pull from the dark side of a medieval creature and from the humans who serve it.

For those of you that have read the short story of mine by the same title, that was where the idea came from.



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