Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Still Here

I'm starting to feel like Snake Blisken where everyone says..."I thought you were dead."

Yeah I have been insanely busy, in fact I am typing this as I sleep. Anyway as many of you know, I am always saying that there is a short and long explantion to most things, and those of you that I really like--I even tell you them sometimes. However due to fatigue and school burnout factor tonight you get the real abbreviated response: I'm obviously alive-still not smoking-learning things about myself and others that still surprise me and that change can be both wonderful and scary at the same time, but a neccessity as well.

Everyone be good...I'm trying

Monday, October 16, 2006

Bird of Steel

I saw a steel ostrich this weekend. No..I haven't had a relapse in smoking, although there are times that I would...well you know. Anyway, I really did see a steel ostrich on the sidewalk.

Steel I say, tsk...tsk...tsk (that's three--anything less is just not right).I'm talking serious kick my ass kind of welding bird steel here. This ostrich was ready for the scorched earth scenario. I can only hope that this ostrich will be on my side...birds, like people, with a steel constitution are always a good thing when things get crazy:)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Life & Mapquest

Rambling post...as we approach the end of 7 weeks nictoine free...

Have you ever gotten directions from mapquest that took you around your elbow to get your butt?--(you know what I mean)

I know I am directionally challenged...very directionally challenged. I can literally get lost going around the block--and do so quite often. But like the directions you sometimes get from mapquest, there are days when I feel like life is comprised of the most bizarre directions that mapquest has ever produced—with the same result--I’m going in circles, crazy turns, wrong directions and I end up just not getting anywhere..frustrating as all hell.

Is there an analogy here somehere? Well lets hope so otherwise I have a screwed up title huh? I picture it like this:just as we get step by step directions for the roads we drive along from mapquest—-one could imagine that we also get similar direction along our very own and personal routes of life. Just as in mapquest, if the physical signs/directions are wrong or unclear--wouldn't these lead to us getting lost? Should we have gone left when we should have gone right? If these are confusing then correspondingly would not our actions be the same? Or if they are misinterpreted in some way could they not lead us to the wrong place? Okay...now I have managed to get lost within my own conversation--now that's scary! And yes, its been that kind of day too.

I'm sure there was a point in there somewhere and if I find it I will let you know. I am very bad with iffy directions and I am bound to misinterpret just about everything—it's in my nature and maybe that’s why I am always getting lost. We all have our crosses to bear I guess. I also truly believe that mapquest is out to get us and part of a bigger conspiracy. One day they will send us to that alien spacecraft on the deserted road in the middle of nowhere.

Maybe I need to invest in one of those personal navigation systems and then I can get where I want to go--as soon as I can fgure out the directions to the store.:)